9 Situations You Will Understand If You Have Lived A Hostel Life

Hostel life is one that everyone desires to live at least once. This life is full of enjoyment as you get some freedom out of the tensions. You get a chance to live with your friends and it is a great chance to show how responsible you are?

This life is a test that how will you act if you will have to live independently. This life is full of crazy experiences as there is no one to ask you about the things you are doing. Now consider those 9 situations that only that person will know who has experienced this life.

1. You are well aware of how to take budgeting decisions.

Budgeting was once considered not be a cup of your tea, but while living a hostel life you need to control your expenditures. You are allowed to spend your own amount, but while having no budget, you get to know the problems and tensions that your mom and dad are facing to fulfill your needs.

budget decision in hostel life

2. Always taking shower late in the evenings.

While being a part of hostel, you always plan to take shower earlier in the morning. The problem arises when there are many people standing in queue to take shower, and you result in pending your decision of taking shower later in the evening.

late shower in the evening

3. Waking up just before 10 minutes of a class.

All your class fellows who come from the distant places, used to be there in a class. You despite of being a part of the hostel, can’t get up on time and reaches late in class.

late wake up

4. The stock of food is always there in your room to deal with late night cravings.

Whenever you live in hostel, you get lunch and dinner on time. Despite of eating well in lunch and dinner, you always experience late night cravings for which you need a stock of food in your room.

late night food in hostel

5. Your friends act as your alarm clock in the morning.

When there is no mom dad living with you, your friends are there to wake you up. You get irritated when your friends wake you up by throwing a bucket of water on your face. Another situation is listening to the constant thuds on your door.

wake up in hostel life

6. No weekend plans are possible until the dirty laundry is washed.

The irritating situation is when you need to think about the laundry that needs to be washed. You always try to shift this plan on next week, but you have nothing to wear this week, and there is no solution other than to wash.

laundry work in hostel

7. 20-30 rupees are unexpectedly enough for one time meal.

Hostel is the only place where you get a meal at 20 to 30 rupees. You get to know how tasty the food is, while living in a hostel in just a small amount.

food in hostel

8. You need to keep bathroom bucket filled with water, as you have no idea when the water will run out.

Like anything else, water is also unpredictable at hostel. You need to keep your bucket filled with water 24/7 to deal with the emergency situations.

no water in hostel

9. If you lend something, you will never get it back in your hostel life.

In case of lending any t-shirt or dress to anyone, there is no chance that you will get it back. It will be used by every person of hostel and you won’t be able to get it back.

hostel life problem

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