Snow Falling In Saudi Arabia: Temperatures Plunge & Deserts Turn White

Nothing is more confusing than seeing the snow falling in Saudi Arabia and deserts have turned white. The temperature falls below the freezing point and this country is showing some different side one can see ever in the entire life. The powdery snow has covered the desert sand in Saudi Arabia, which is surely an unexpected treat for all, so we can say that snow falling in Saudi Arabia means that the ‘cold season’ has come.

The Saudi Gazette said the reports that, in the central city of Shakra and the northwestern city of Tabuk, layers of snow have overlaid the ground everywhere. The temperature in northern Al-Jawf region has reached -3 degree Celsius and in Al-Quryat, a northern province, the temperature was -1 degree Celsius according to the reports.

Snow falling in Saudi Arabia has made people excited, where they can enjoy the season with snow covered roads. So great opportunity for those, who wants to make snowmen. Seriously confusing & unexpected!

Look at the pictures and must believe that wonders do happen!

1. Yes, this is Snow Falling in Saudi Arabia!

snow in saudia

2. What about the white desert? Quite interesting.

white desert in saudi arabia

3. That beautiful road though.

roads in saudi arab after snow

4. Oh wow, temperature below zero.

temperature below zero in saudia

5. Saudi Arabia just saw the snow first time. Check their happy faces.

people reaction in saudi arabia

6. Have you ever seen the Saudi snowman?

snow falling in saudi arabia

7. It’s like the heaven on earth.

snow falling in arab

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