8 Struggles Sober Personality People Will Face

In our Desi family, the Sober Personality People are known as so called “MEESNE”, who knows everything, but still shows that they know nothing. This is the way Desi family reacts, but we will talk about the real sober personality of people, who are too sweet to handle.

Are you that sober one or trying to live as the sober person? No worries, we are here to tell you something because it’s not easy to be a sober. Here we have collected 8 struggles people with sober personality will face.

1. Sober Personality People – At the party, he/she will be the one who stays normal with the other people who are tired or behaves like a drunk.

sober personality people

2. He/she will be the one who acts as a representation of someone else, in short expose. In this way, you can write the brief description on everyone’s life.

the sober people

3. Don’t ask him/her to dance, otherwise this will result in a comedy show. Rolling on the floor!

dance of sober people

4. People will see or even stare at you because no one is ready to believe that you are seriously a sober person.

sober person in desi family

5. The one who will always stand in the back in the group dance, because you are not in the competition. Shahid Kapoor VS Sanjay Dutt wali situation.

situation with sober person

6. You are so sober that you don’t like arguing and doing more gossips, so he/she will spend the whole time in eating like a jerk.

sober person will behave as jerk

7. When everyone is doing the bad stuff, you will be seen as playing the candy crush or subway surfer.

sober people playing candy crush

8. At the end, everyone just wants to clap for your courage and clear mind.

clap for the sober people

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