10 Strange But Beautiful Animals You Probably Didn’t Know About

Most of us don’t exactly know the variety of animal species that are present on the Earth today and some animals are there we haven’t heard before about. The world has surprises in store for us and we can see these gifts in the form of strange but beautiful animals. So ready to see them? From the deepest oceans, to the plains of Africa, these creatures are present everywhere and we have put together this collection in one article. Some of them are super cute and some of them are super weird.

Take a look for yourself!

1. Dugong

Little known animal really showing us the diverse nature of life on earth.

strange but beautiful animals

2. Shoebill

Strange? No! Much sophisticated animal I have ever seen. Look at that amazing face.

shoebill cute

3. Potoo Bird

They have slits on their big eyes that allow them to sense movement, even when their eyes are closed.

potoo bird strange creature

4. Angora Rabbit

People love to make them pets because of their amazing fur. They are known for getting along with cats.

angora rabbit fur

5. Silkie Chicken

Another animal with extra fluff and also with extra cuteness.

silkie chicken pics

6. Elephant Shrew

Such a beautiful creature. Just look at the cute tiny eyes!

strange animals in the world

7. Red Crested Tree Rat

The tree rat, resembles with any fluffy creature.

red tree rat

8. Saki Monkey

Lives in the rain forest trees of South America. Saki monkeys curl up like cats on the branches of trees to sleep.

saki monkey

9. Kakapo

The beautiful parrot without the sass.

kakapo parrot

10. Red-Lipped Fish

They have red lips to recognize one another for mating purposes. It’s like they use red Mac lipstick.

red lipped fish

Do you want to add something to the list of this strange but beautiful animals? Comment below!

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