12 Struggles All The Girls With Short Hair Can Understand

You will get to know the struggles of having short hair when you are feeling the same situation. Having a short hair means you have to go through the lot of perks, like less use of shampoo, no need to do hairstyles. But along these perks, there are few problems also you have to face. Short hair is not for everybody, also it’s a trick to handle them with twisting twine of the tussles.

From morning battles to tie up your hair to handle them in the wind, having short hair is not that much easy. So to understand these struggles, go through this article and decide yourself whether you want short or long ones.

1. You always remain busy in finding cute hairstyles for short hair.

girl with short hair

2. You prefer to trim your hair, rather than to make any trendy hair cut. Because going shorter than before is a mistake.

hair trimming

3. And when your hairdresser makes your hair extra short.

cut hair

4. You always dream to make a perfect and long ponytail, but all in vein.

long pony tail girl

5. People often say, that you look like a boy. Especially in a hat!

girl look like a boy

6. Having short hair means no buns, no curls, and no stylish hair style.

struggles of short hair

7. You can’t cover your neck in winter with hair to avoid a cold. Nor in summer to avoid sunburns.

short hair problem in winter

8. You can’t make excuses for long showers, because it takes only few minutes to wash your hair.

taking shower with short hair

9. People often resembles you with Miley Cirus.

miley cirus with short hair

10. You have always desired to enjoy the hairstyle with long hair, especially in any Desi wedding.

girl dancing with short hair

11. When someone says, you look awesome in short hair.

no more long hair

12. And then you realize that your hair actually suits you.

happy with short hair

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