10 Struggles Only Guys Who Can’t Grow Beards Can Understand

Growing beard and to make it attractive and stylish is the difficult stuff for those guys who love to live with it. But have you ever thought about the guys who are unable to grow even a tiny beard? Yes, they do exist, who have a baby face in this bearded era. The nature is really unjust, where we can have some guys who are fully loaded with hair both front and back and other just wish to achieve a decent mustache. The problems are real when you can’t grow beards.

Hair on legs, arms, chest, but not on face? Not good at all! In this world, where everyone is obsessed with facial hair, let’s talk about the struggles only guys who can’t grow beards can totally understand. Yes, we understand your problems!

1. The biggest problem is the media, where everyone loves the guys with beards.

guy with beard

2. And sometimes you feel itching when you get some sort of hair on your face. Because you are not used to it!

itching in beard

3. You hate all the guys with some stylish beard. You really hate them!

clean shaven hate bearded guy

4. You sometimes feel stressed that you are the only one who can’t grow even a short beard. Face palm!

stressed guy with no beards

5. You hate those guys who always talk about their beards.

when you get jealous

6. What makes your mood worse, when people call you by your nicknames, like ‘baby’, ‘bachha’ and yes the ‘chikna’ is the famous one.

nicknames of baby face

7. And you always dream of growing beard soon, but all in vein.

dreams of beard

8. When November comes and it’s no-shave month. Lol, how will you get out of it?

no shave november

9. When someone compliments that you look amazing in clean-shave. The best compliment!

light beard

10. Finally, you realize that you can’t grow your beard ever. It’s impossible though!

cant grow beard

Anyone there with same problem? 😀

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