12 Struggles All Night Shift Workers Can Relate To

If you don’t drink enough tea or coffee, then you are going to be very exhausting for the entire night shift. You come to the point when you might not be able to sleep when you get home after the night shift because you have taken too much tea and coffee. Everyone works for better living and no matter how passionate you are in your work, you get tired at one point. No one can understand the true struggles all night shift workers have, because they really make them pissed off.

Well, being night shift workers, your struggle is real to stay awake when your family is awake and to sleep when they are sleeping. It takes a specific kind of strength to work at night when everybody is sleeping and sleep when everybody is working. Quite complicated!

To understand the feelings of night shift workers, we have a list of 12 struggles they go through. Have a look!

1. Breakfast? Your work shift doesn’t allow you to have it and you don’t remember when you took breakfast last time.

night shift workers

2. You sleep in the afternoon so people think you are lazy because they don’t know that you are one of the night shift workers.

sleep in the afternoon

3. Your social circle includes all the night shift workers.

night shift workers friends

4. You are unable to attend any birthday parties or family dinners.

problems of night shift workers

5. And dark circles and baggy eyes will be your future friends.

dark circles of night shift workers

6. You are always sleeping in your workplace, but when you reach home, you can’t sleep.

sleeping in workplace

7. Being a night shift worker, your diet includes fast food and takeaways only.

eating habits of night shift worker

8. You tend to shop at 5am, so only 24/7 stores suits you.

working in night shift

9. Your work is far difficult than others.

difficult work

10. The only good thing you face is you don’t stuck in the traffic jam.

no traffic

11. You can’t make any relationship because you don’t have time for anything.

no relationship

12. Thanks to your job, you don’t hate Mondays, you hate every single day of the week.

hate job

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