11 Struggles People With Common Names Can Relate To

We used to listen some names in Pakistan that are the part of every family like Ali, Mariam, Fatima, Saba, Sadia, Hassan and Ayesha. These and many other Common Names  that millions of other people does have the same names, due to this similarity, these persons always have to struggle in life. Some of the basic struggles are told below.

1. While passing from a road, you see a shop of burger named on you or your name is written behind the auto.

How it feels when you see a shop of anday wala burger associated with your name like taaza Ali Burger, Umer Burger??

It is also the same feeling to see your name written on the back of any auto saying visit SHAAN dawakhana and your pain of knees plus the secret issues of men and women will be resolved. 😀

common names of people

2. When beauty parlors are opened by your name.

Only girls will common names know how it feels to see a beauty parlor opened with their name like Ayesha beauty parlor, shazia beauty parlor etc. 😛

struggle of common name people

3. When people give you offensive nicknames.

As the people in your surroundings do have many other people by your name in their circle then they give you a certain nick to differentiate you from others. When you don’t like this name then how it feels. 😀

weird nicknames

4. When your name is saved in contacts by any offensive/funny name.

When you see your contact is saved in your friend’s phone not by your name but by any name that you just hate like Ayesha uni wali, ali college wala. 😀

funny nicknames

5. While you want to make a social network ID and get a slap by this name already exists.

The real sad moment is when the people with common names try to make their Facebook, twitter, gmail or LinkedIn ID and they are slapped to have this comment:

“This name already exists, add any new user name.”

common names problem

6. You become famous or sometimes ashamed if your name is of any famous personality.

If the celebrity exists having the same name as yours like Salman Khan or Fawad Khan then you become ashamed to see their actions sometimes. But they are a cause of making you proud too. 😀

celebrity nickname

7. When there is at least one cousin exists having the same name as yours.

You want to kill that person of your family who does have the same name as yours. If he/she is younger than you then you make your mind that his/her name was selected as a copy of your name. 😛

cousins same name

8. While reading a story based on your name.

As your name is commonly used by all drama/movie/novel writers, so the actions of that characters make you ashamed while watching it with all family members or friends. 😀

common drama name

9. The feeling you have to listen to unique names.

You get into an inferiority complex when you listen to the unique names like arisha, ashar etc.

name changed

10. When your name in attendance is called and many students raise their hands.

The worst moment is when two to three other students also raise their hands after the call of your name in attendance.

name announcement during attendance

11. Only good news, that your name will never be out of fashion.

Despite of 10 sad things, the common named persons are happy that their names can never be out of trend. 😀

feel proud of common name

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