10 Struggles Only People Living In Snowy Areas Can Relate To

Winter season is the most awaited one for every Pakistani and we all know we can’t sit in our homes silently, as a tour of the northern areas is must. Agreed? You must be! The beautiful places in Pakistan covered in snow depict the true beauty of nature and it’s like a heaven on earth. The tourist from all over the world prefer to visit these beautiful places in Pakistan like Kaghan, Swat, Naran, Murree, Shogran, Gilgit and many more. But have you ever wondered how people are living in snowy areas not only in Pakistan, but all over the world? This is not easy as they have to face too much struggles no one can understand.

So, the snow is delightful and the temperature is getting into the minus degrees, but don’t forget all the struggles you face living in the snowy areas. Happy snowy winters!

1. You shiver all the time and it’s really uncontrollable. The first struggle only people living in snowy areas can understand.

shivering in snowy areas

2. You love to sit in the sunshine, but snow doesn’t allow you. That’s really annoying to wait for the sun in these cold places. Weird!

where is the sun

3. The layers of clothes are compulsory in the cold snowy weather. Sweaters, caps, gloves, socks and much more.

layers of clothes

4. You always think before going outside the home because of the slippery roads. You really need some guts to drive in the snowfall.

driving in snow

5. And when water turns into snow. Face-palm!

water turns into snow

6. Goosebumps in the cold weather will not leave you alone. The bushy body hair and the snowy weather go side by side.

goosebumps in snowy weather

7. You don’t want to stay away from the heater.

heater in snow

8. You praise the summers because you’re living in Pakistan and can enjoy four seasons.

summer season in Pakistan

9. You hate to go outside in the snow, because of slippery ground. Make sure to wear comfortable shoes.

slippery snowy season

10. Despite all the struggles, you somehow enjoy living in one of the snowy areas. Nature’s gift!

enjoying in snow

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