10 Struggles Only Strong Fever Sufferers Can Understand

Welcome in the season of itchy eyes, running nose, sneezing and sniffing. Yes, the winter season, which produce lots of fever sufferers. These people wake up with a dreadful sneeze and sleep with the same stuff. All the weeks of this season tortures them because they can’t do anything except to wait for the season to end.

The fever along with flue, cough and breathing problems are the most irritating things, you feel itching in your throat and always carry a handkerchief to avoid the excess results of sneezing. If you know what I mean! You don’t look pretty with all these symptoms, but don’t worry, you are not the only one to face the problems. So, scroll down for all the struggles only strong fever sufferers can understand. And they really do!

1. Sneezing all the time. Every person with sneezing problems. Yes, all the time!

hay fever sufferers

2. When you realize that you have left all the tissues at home and your nose is ready to blow. If it happens, use your sleeves. No problem!

problems of flu

3. Not only sneezing, the really strong fever makes you tired and you can’t leave your bed for the longest time.

tired of fever

4. You are like, rubbing and wiping your eyes again and again because the water comes out of them. So due to this, you can’t even think to apply mascara otherwise…

wiping eyes

5. In this case, sunglasses are your best friend because all you want to do is to hide this fever problem.

sunglasses for hay fever

6. The fever sufferers look dazed all the time.

dazed person

7. When you speak, you sound weird. All because of your fever.

weird voice

8. You hate to visit outside in winter season because it gives you even more annoying signs of fever.

fever problems in winter

9. You need a persistent supply of tissues, even a box will be not enough for you.

tissues for flu

10. It’s very complicated to breathe, especially at night because of blocked nose sometimes, so it keeps you up all the night.

blocked nose in winters

So stay strong all the fever sufferers this season!

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