7 Struggles Only A Woman On Diet Can Understand

In today’s world where eating fast food is becoming the habit of not only the teenagers but the youngsters too, it is getting difficult to lose weight. As woman used to stay at home, so they gain weight so frequently, and they move on diet. They try to keep themselves away from every calorie like no one else can. This article will show you 7 struggles only a woman on diet can understand. Have a look!

1. Seeing an old dress and dreaming to fit in it.

After gaining weight the biggest problem that a woman faces is none other than the no usefulness of old and favorite dresses. Once a woman gains weight due to diet increase or any other sort of issue, she can’t wear those old dresses that she liked a lot and she just prays to get smarter so that she can wear them again.

lady with too much weight2. When a close friend’s wedding is 2 months away.

Once a woman is on diet she just wait for the time to pass earlier. When she receives a wedding card of any of the close friend/relative, she gets into a shock rather than becoming happy. She starts thinking that how much she needs to work faster to lose weight more quickly.

women daily problems

3. Checking weight every single day and not losing a single pound.

The woman on diet keep on standing on the weighing machine 24/7 praying that she find any miracle and just see a weight lesser than her current one. But the effect is not that quick as she expects and she gets into a depression.

no weight loss

4. Going out with friends who are not on diet.

While a woman on diet visits a food place with her friends/cousins who are not on diet then she keeps on staring their foods as she can only have some selective light foods unlike them.

woman on diet food5. Only search ‘how to lose 8 pounds in 2 weeks’.

Unlike the other social media users, these woman just searches upon the quick method of losing weight. They get online on social media and start typing these words that can help them in losing weight quickly.

woman on diet problems6. When you pass by a fast food restaurant and its smell just kills you.

There cannot be anything more killing than to smell the fast food like burgers, pizza and stuff like that during the diet period. The patience that has to be shown at that time is inexpressible.

fast food fever

7. The moment when you can’t control.

During a strict diet, there are moments when you seriously can’t control yourself from eating something. Like when you see a yummy chocolate cake at home then you just start eating it forgetting that diet word exists or not.

when you cannot control

These 7 points may seem very simple to read but only a woman on diet can understand how much it hurts. How it feels to see some one eat when you are not allowed to eat anything like that. Dieting is never the solution of any problem as it always result in any side effect later in life.

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