Super Hot Looks Of Saba Qamar In “Kalabaaz Dil” Is Worth Watching

Prepare yourself to see the Super Hot Looks Of Saba Qamar In “Kalabaaz Dil” song from the entertaining movie Lahore Se Aagey. The teaser is already out and this movie is going to give you the roller coaster fun of life. It is the sequel to the comedy movie Karachi Se Lahore, which was released last year.

The director and producer of Lahore Se Aagey is Wajahat Rauf and Yasir Hussain is the writer. The cast is Yasir Hussain, Mubashir Malik, Saba Qamar, Rubina Ashraf, Behroze Sabzwari, Abdullah Farhatullah, Hasan Rizvi, Ashir Wajahat, Ahmed Ali and Omer Sultan.

karachi se lahore sequel lahore se aagey

Other than the movie, the super hot looks of Saba Qamar in “Kalabaaz Dil” song is what everyone is admiring. You will definitely fall in love with this beauty queen after watching the video of this song.

saba qamar looks beautiful in new song kalabaaz dil

Saba Qamar is looking absolutely stunning in this song by wearing ghagra and choli by Nomi Ansari.

saba qamar dress in kalabaaz dil

Aima Baig sung the song “Kalabaaz Dil”, written by Shakeel Sohaila and directed by none other than Shiraz Uppal. Yasir Hussain and Atiqa Odho is also present in the song. The whole package is just amazing.

saba qamar new song

Check out the Super Hot Looks of Saba Qamar in “Kalabaaz Dil”. Here is the link!

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