True, but Funny Superstitious Moms in Pakistani Families

The funny word has been always used with our Moms because of their amazing sense of humor and marvelous skills to give solutions to any problems. This time we will show you some superstitious Desi moms of Pakistan who will remind you about Desi serials acts. Pakistani Families and superstitions go hand in hand where your Desi moms will always talk about hilarious superstitious things to prove you wrong at every moment.

Here we have some proofs that these Desi ammis exist and have very good command on superstitions. Have a look at these funny things!

1. This time the black cat is on the top of the list who crossed your path

black cat superstitious

Now Desi moms be like: Ab zaroor kuch bura hoga.

2. When you use too much Perfume after MAGHRIB, it’s a sign that CHURAIL or JINN will definitely stick to you

superstitious moms

Be aware of that JINN!

3. In Pakistani Families, when your Desi mom yells at you because you have walked over any baby; it seems he or she cannot grow taller.

pakistani superstitious moms

Ab iski height itni hi rahe ghi dekhna tum!

4. Desi mother is scolding because you are playing with scissors

superstitions pakistani mom weeping

She assumes that it will result in any GHARELO violence if you play with scissors “ QENCHI MAT CHALAO”

5. Its crow time! Desi Moms think that the noisy crow always warn about the upcoming guests

noisy crow superstitious

On this event, the Desi mother is like; JALDI KRO, MEHMAN AANE WALE HAIN

6. When your cat is crying very loudly, Desi mom reacts the same

pakistani crying mom


7. When your left eye shakes, it means bad luck is waiting for you

left eye shakes reality

Its best solution is to wash your face with cool water rather than worrying like your Desi mom

8. When you feel itching in the right palm, mother is like; “PESE AANE WALE HAIN”

itches in the right palm reality

Ammi will now react, “Kab tak milen gen pese”

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