Here’s What You Need To Know About Sweden’s First Package Free Shop GRAM

To make everything eco-friendly, it’s necessary to take reasonable steps. Sweden has been listed in the ‘Most Sustainable Countries in the World’. To prove it again, there is Sweden’s First Package Free Shop Gram. The design and the entire environment of this shop is surely worth a visit.

gram store in sweden

GRAM is the new type of store where you won’t find any packaging, just like the other markets. Instead, you need to bring your own containers (boxes, jars, bags) or you can use the paper bags of the shops. They have focused on produce only, so no unnecessary packaging. Everything is sold loose and by weight here.

gram malmo gravity container

You can buy anything from Sweden’s First Package Free Shop Gram, spices, oil, vinegar, nuts, flour, washing powder and also soap. Weigh your container first and then fill it up. It’s so easy because in the end you pay only for what’s inside your container.

gram shop sweden

Do you think why it’s unpackaged?

‘Gram’ is opened to reduce the waste created on a daily basis. According to the reports, in Sweden, household trash amounts to c. 466 kgs per person per year. By buying from groceries like Gram, one can avoid unnecessary packaging. So this store is all about zero waste. Say not to trash!

Sweden's First Package Free Shop Gram

This Sweden’s package free shop is very hygienic as no hands or dirty particles can get to the food. There everything is sealed in airtight boxes and everyone follows a strict procedure for cleaning and refilling the dispensers.

Know more about Sweden’s First Package Free Shop Gram through this video!

Gram Malmö

This Malmö grocery store wants to help you throw away less trash.

Posted by Malmotown on Wednesday, March 8, 2017


The GRAM store is at Malmö Saluhall. So get your reusable bags ready and make everything easy and hygienic!

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