Technology World’s New Hero,14 Years Old Muslim Student Ahmad Muhammad

Ahmed Mohammad who is a resident of Texas, a city of USA is a 14 year old boy, this young boy was arrested by the police just for making a clock that is a digital clock and he was arrested for bringing it to his school.

ahmad muhammad

Ahmed is a Muslim boy, he is a student at MacArthur high school, it was the school management who gave an alert to the police that a boy is found with a bomb clock in their school.

This boy stated that

“I built a clock to impress my teacher but when I showed it to her she thought it was a threat to her. I’m very sad that she got the wrong impression of it.”

This boy must be feeling a lot of shame, it can’t be imagined that how he is feeling now but surely as he was arrested in front of all the school staff then the most awaiting moment of his life must have made the most embarrassing moment.


This step of arresting an innocent Muslim boy by the police has been aggressively criticized by not only the people of US but from all over the world on social media.

Invitation From Obama .

This boy was invited by the US president to white house. And the person who is the basic controller of Facebook the main social media site has also shown a keen interest to meet this boy. These two personalities are absolutely impressed from this boy.

ahmad muhammad with obama

This boy has recently stated that he is planning to change his school, this thing shows that he is really disappointed by the action taken by his teacher and the school management.

The level of shame which 14 years old boy has faced can’t be fixed by just inviting him to white house. This boy was arrested just because he was a Muslim? If some of the other religion holder has made such a clock then were they going to make a arrest call for him?


Unfortunately, the boy who was worthy to be recognized as a talented boy of the nation, was accused as a terrorist either mistakenly or however, if it was a mistake then really it was a big one.

obama and mark zucker burg tweet


Ahmed’s father Mohamed Elhassan Mohamed is basically from Sudan also came up in media and he praised the creativity of his son, and clearly told that Ahmed is the one who fixes everything at their home either it is computer or the phone.

ahmad muhammad family

Ahmed’s family also said that he was insulted like this just because of having this name, though this thing has been rejected by the police and they said that they always have always had an outstanding relationship with the Muslim community, and incidents like this comes up as a challenge for them but they will try to convert the negatives into positives for the welfare of the country.

After finding no threats, this boy was released by the police but this news has made everyone shocked all around the world.

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