This Amazing Teenager From Lyari Made A Beautiful Morgan Freeman Portrait & It’s So Breathtaking

The teenager from Lyari has a talent that is God given. At only 17 years of age, Jawad Baloch is impressing the world with his incredible paintings of celebrities. Jawad is working at his won father’s painting shop in Lyari by helping his father create portraits in a most incredible way.

Meet Jawad Baloch!

teenager from Lyari

And he made a beautiful Morgan Freeman portrait.

Teenager From Lyari Made A Beautiful Morgan Freeman Portrait

His work is so inspiring and we are so surprised to see his art pieces.

jawad paintings from lyari

Besides all the hurdles, he knows well how to smile.

jawad baloch paintings

Umme Kulsoom, an RJ on FM 100 captured a photo of Jawad’s portrait and uploaded it on Art Culture Society page on Facebook to show everyone his efforts he puts in his work.

painter from lyari

Apart from Morgan, he has also made the portraits of other celebrities.

jawad baloch from lyari

His talent is beyond our thinking!

jawad baloch paint shop in lyari

Jawad Baloch has 5 years of experience and now works at a painting shop in Lyari. He is an inspiration to all the kids who have some outstanding talent. He is living a tough life, but still we can see how accurately he can make his portraits.

It’s time to help this child in his grooming and recognition. Do support him and make his work recognized all over the world. Because his portraits are worth it!

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