The Best Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan Songs You Should Not Miss

Nusrat Fateh Ali khan was a Pakistani singer and qawaal mainly known for his qawalis and devotional songs. He is often credited as one of the progenitors of “music world”. His powerful vocal presentations, which could last up to 10 hours, brought forth a craze for his music all over Europe. But besides his qawalis and devotional songs and some other very famous songs, there are some extraordinary songs of sir NFAK you should not miss.

nusrat fateh ali khan legand

Jab tera hukam mila

Jab tera hukam mila is my personal favorite song of NFAK. It’s a acutally a poem originally written by poet Ahmed Nasim Qasmi. It is beautifully written. And NFAK took it to a whole new level by singing it.

“menay to samjha tha k lout atay hain janay walay , tu nay ja kar to judai meri qismat kardi.”

jab tera hukam mila song


This is song NFAK sang for an Indian movie , Dillagi starring bobby deol and ashwariya rai bachan. It is a painful song about one waiting for his love for a long time. It is a song about being alone without says “ saya bhi sath jab chor jae aisi hay tanhai”. Again it is well written and beautifully sung.

Aisi Hai Tanhai song

Chaand taaron say karun baatan teri

This is one of my favorite songs that make me cry every time I listen to it. Anyone who has lost his loved one can easily relate to it and I am sure won’t be able to control his tears from streaming down his face as I do. As it says “chaand taron say karun baatan teri, din han meray or han raatan teri” which means though the days are mine but my nights are all yours. The time when I talk about to the moon and stars. The music of this song is amazing and nfak’s vocals are extraordinary.

Thelegend Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan

The long road

This is a song Nusrat sahib sang with an American musician Eddie Vedder for a Hollywood movie called the dead man walking. Which clearly shows how much Nusrat was loved by the international audience too.

nusrat fateh ali khan the legend

The face of love

Again this song “face of love” was featured in the movie dead man walking. This too is a master piece by Eddie vedder and Nusrat sahib written to spread the message of love.

Ni Main Jana Jogi De Naal Nusrat Sahib


Charkha di ghook

Sun charkha di mithi mithi ghook was originally sang by master Saleem. But Nusrat sahib gave it a new face and a new life after singing it. This song again is about missing a loved one. Atif Aslam also samg his version but it was no where as good as NFAK’s version.

charkha di ghok by nusrat

Tumhay dil lagi bhool jani paray gi

It is lyrics put in a soul. Breathtaking song beautifully composed. A song about the hardships of love. That love is not easy , it is like an ocean of fire.

best song of nusrat

Saanware Tore Bin Jiya Jaaye Na

The song is from the movie bandit queen . The music was given by Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan and Roger White. The music of this movie is worth listening because this movie’s music seems to be very intense and sensitive. This Indian movie is based on the Indian legend phoolan devi.

Working with Nusrat Saheb was the closest I ever got to God“.
– Shekhar Kapur( the director of Bandit Queen)

Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan

Hanju ankhian dey veray wich

The music is steady and suited to the very feel of the song.The voice of Nusrat goes over the roof when he says “sanu chan maahi kerya ey teryan khayalaan”. It is a must song to be added in your playlist.

best song by nusrat


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