The Ultimate Fear Cousin Marriage

Cousin marriage range is being highly idealized in eastern countries like India and Pakistan to being uncommon and illegal. But in our country, even though family marriage is legal and very common, why people marry outside their family?

1: Genetic disorders in children.

Children of first-marriage cousin have a doubled risk of genetic disorders. People of old times were not aware of this, so they were in favor of cousin marriage. But the people of this generation are highly aware of the consequences, so they avoid cousin marriage.

There can be a myriad of genetic aberrations and chromosomal mutations that could result in sometimes fatal congenital anomalies. Children, for example, can be born with a hypo plastic heart, a condition where one side of the heart is severely underdeveloped, agenesis of kidney, where one or both kidneys fail to develop and many more.

Genetic disorders in children

2: Conceiving problems.

Women who are married to their cousin face a lot of problems in trying to conceive baby.  Poly cystic disease is very common in women married to their cousins. And women also suffer from miscarriages.

Conceiving problems

3: The mindset.

From an early age our parents put it in our minds that cousins are siblings. So our whole we consider cousins as siblings. And of course who would want to marry their brother or sister. Plus you cannot develop feelings for them even if you want to.

cousin in childhood

4: Love of college wins over the cousin’s relation.

Kids of this generation develop their own love life in colleges or universities before they come to the age of marriage. So they prefer marrying outside the family.

college couple

5: For a change.

We grow up with our cousins we know everything about them. There is nothing to discover about them. And that is plain boring, People want change not the same old faces.

marriying strange person

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