Things That Are Disliked In Bushra Ansari As a Morning Show Host

Morning shows that are the part of every morning in this era of life are somehow liked by the audience. New hosts keep on joining this profession, some make it a permanent profession and some do it just for a few weeks and months. In the recent past the very talented and gorgeous actress, host and singer had tried to make her the part of this field. This show had telecasted for a few weeks on geo television and most of the people have disliked few things in this show. some of the things that are irritating for the audience are:

Typical ‘laughter’.

bushra ansari typical laughing

The actress who became even more famous by her role saima chaudhary in the very famous series of ‘aazaar ki ayegi baarat’ that ended into ‘ainie ki ayegi baarat’ has a typical style of laughing from it. She used to laugh in that way as a source to make her audience feel joyful but as a matter of fact, that laugh has become a cause of irritation for the audience.

It shows that the thing that seemed good to her role ‘saima chaudhary’ doesn’t suit on her as a host.

Dressing up like a youngstar.

Bushra Ansari Dressing

A host is recognized by the way he/she is dressed. Talking about the dressing of bushra ansari in her morning show named ‘utho geo pakistan’, one thing is realized that her dressing don’t go with her age. This thing is appreciated by the audience as well as disliked.

I feel like she should dress up in a way that represent a woman of her age. There is no doubt in that she seems very young even at this age, but still she needs to keep her age in this mind.

Comedy in hosting.

comedy of bushra ansari

One thing is sure that every comedian can’t become a good host. It seems like bushra ansari applies her skills of comedy while hosting the show. she needs to know that if she became famous for her comedy, it doesn’t mean that her hosting will also be that famous with the help of that comedy.

She is really a very good comedian and actress. But during her small interval of hosting these were the few points that were disliked by most of the people.

What you people think is she really a good host? Must share your views.

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