8 Things You Probably Don’t Know About Wrestler The Undertaker

Greatest wrestler The Undertaker is known to be one of the biggest stars that WWE has ever had. Mark Calaway or we can say The Undertaker has been a phenomenal figure since making his debut at the 1990 Survivor Series. He is a four-time WWE Champion, a three-time World Heavyweight Champion, a six-time Tag Team Champion and the winner of the 2007 Royal Rumble. But of course, as every WWE fanatic knows, his most impressive accomplishment is his 21-0 streak at “The Showcase of Immortals,” WrestleMania.

All the fans pride themselves on knowing everything about The Deadman, but here is a list of 8 things that you may have forgotten over the years or probably didn’t know before. We hope you enjoy!

1. The Undertaker was a talented Basketball player when he was a young. He played basketball for a two-year college in Texas before transferring to Texas-Wesleyan University for the Rams.

wrestler the undertaker

2. He’s been married three times and has four children from these wives Jodi Lynn, Sara Frank and Michelle McCool.

the undertaker three marriages

3. The fun fact about wrestler The Undertaker is he hates cucumber. According to the late Paul Bearer, he was the one who can’t even look at a cucumber.

facts about the undertaker

4. He is a huge fan of motorcycles. He collects Harley-Davidson and West Coast Choppers motorcycles.

undertaker love for bikes

5. The Undertaker loves playing golf. In an interview he said: “I spend a lot of time with my family, my children. I also work on my horrible golf game. I love golf, but I’m awful. For some reason, I go out there and make myself miserable because I’m so bad it.”

undertaker playing golf

6. On one occasion, he loaned his house to Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie.

the undertaker home

7. His shortest ever live match was against Iron Sheik, which lasted just 18 seconds.

famous wrestler of the world

8. The Undertaker earns nearly one million dollars to wrestle once per year.

the undertaker wrestler

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