5 Things Fathers Can’t Do Only Mothers Can

As we live in a world where father and mother are given the same importance or sometimes father is told better as compared to the mother. These few words will make you people understand about those four things that fathers can’t even imagine to do but mothers are just doing them and they never get tired of it.

After reading these 5 points, everyone either mother or father will come to know that it is not easy to become a mother. When motherhood starts then it never ends because it becomes lifetime duty. Fathers are also good in taking care of their children but the way mothers handle the children with affection can never be copied by any other creation of this world.

Giving Birth.

mother giving birth

Have you people ever thought that how painful it is to bring a newborn in life, and undoubtedly this painful thing can only be done by the mother, fathers can’t handle it. We should salute our mom for giving us this life and giving us everything that we want.

Sacrificing Sleep.

mother Sacrificing Sleep

Our words are not enough to thank our mom for sacrificing her sleep just to take care of us throughout the night, as new born and the small children used to wake up during the night countless times then it is only mom who is always there to make them feed with milk forgetting her own rest.

Waking up early and making breakfast.

mother cooking breakfast

Mom awake throughout the night, she doesn’t sleep for a single minute even, as she remains busy during the night taking care of her child. It is only mom who wake up earlier to make breakfast and to serve her husband with the best food before going for office.  Agree?

Doing all the home tasks without sleeping.

mother home tasks

When the husband leaves for office then the wife/mom again gets busy in doing all the home tasks, she doesn’t remember that she has spent a sleepless night but the thing that she remember is to clean her home in which her family lives. No one can do it but mom.

Presenting the husband with delicious dinner after a tough day.

wife serving food

Mom is the one who works throughout the night and then the day, but she is the one who makes delicious dinner for her husband in dinner. Can any of the man imagine to awake throughout the night and still to cook food so well. No, no one can do it but moms.

This article is to tell you people a few things that a mother is specialized in and how well the father tries, he can’t be successful in doing that. As fathers can’t have the courage as mothers in other words women have.  I salute my mom for being there for me, do you?

It is said absolutely right that mother is the one who loves you more than other person. We come to know this thing when we lose our parents.

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