12 Things Only People With Lots Of Cousins Can Understand

Having a big family? It means lots of brothers, sisters and cousins. Your cousins are always your best friends, but growing up with them means a lot of ups and downs. Sometimes, you feel like you don’t want anyone else when you are with them. And on the other hand, you also want to get rid of them as soon as possible.

Growing up in this type of family needs lots of courage to talk about something. Many times, you will not even get a chair to sit on. Yes, it’s a family with lots of cousins. If you are living in the big family, then you will understand all the problems and signs of happiness. Especially when you have many, many cousins.

Here are few things only people with lots of cousins can understand.

1. Your every family affair will be full of entertainment. No dull signs!

family with lots of cousins

2. If someone gets a pet in your family, it means everyone has the official rights to take care of this pet. His pet means my pet too.

cousin with pet

3. Your full time enjoyable task is to do gossips. More people means more gossips.

wowreads gossips

4. When someone says, they don’t have any cousins.

no cousins

5. Your monthly party is compulsory if you have too many cousins in your big family. Sort of BBQ or dance party!

cousins party

6. Your birthday will be always special because your cousins are with you.

birthday surprise by cousins

7. When your cousin gets engaged. Hurrah.

cousins engagement

8. When you don’t have any dress to wear on family function. Don’t worry your cousins will help you out.

love with cousins

9. When you get to know that any of your cousin is hanging out without you. Alarming situation ahead.

hang out with cousins

10. When any one of your member introduced a new baby in the large family.

new baby in family

11. When it’s time to leave them because the reunion is over.

cousins leaving

12. And indeed they are your true best friends.

cousins best friends

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