10 Awkward Things Only People Who Hate People Understand

You love to hate people and want to be alone? It’s a common misconception that if you are like this, you are purely an anti-social. Life is short and people have unique and different personalities from one another, then why to judge them by wasting our time? Everyday passes with the forced interactions with the people you don’t like, but sometimes, we should put our headphones on to avoid that nasty interaction.

Each day is like a hell for people who don’t like people because they have very short temper, so for you ‘networking’ doesn’t work at all. No offense to anyone, here are some normal, yet awkward things too only people who hate people understand. The struggle is real, be aware and don’t get trapped!

1. When you know you have to deal with these people, so your every minute is just exhausting.

when you hate people around you

2. You avoid every event where you have to deal with such people.

cancel plan

3. When you don’t want to use tongue for people, you use your middle finger.

showing middle finger

4. You love to make those friends who hate people too. Amazing talent though!

no friends

5. To throw sarcastic comments, is one of your favorite hobbies.

sarcastic comments

6. When talking to strangers, you love to make bitchy faces and annoying smile.

bitch face

7. You easily get fed up with the stupid people. It’s normal because you hate people.

fed up

8. You prefer to text people rather than talk.

no calls please

9. You have no problem telling people that you hate them so much.

you hate people

10. And at the end, you only love one person, that is YOU.

i love myself

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