13 Things Only Perpetually Tired People Will Understand

You think you are perfectly healthy because you always want to sleep for 10 hours in a day and nap during the day. This is not the healthy habit, the fact is you are very lazy and tired. You just want the endless sleeping and relaxing moments. If you are like this, then you must be familiar with the things only perpetually tired people will understand. Because you actually remain tired all the time!

There are many struggles and difficult things only perpetually tired people will understand. So if you are one, then must read the below mentioned stuff. This will definitely relate to your tired and lazy life. Go ahead!

1. It doesn’t matter where you are, you will fall sleep anywhere.

perpetually tired people

2. You are always tired whether you sleep for 10 hours or 15.

always tired

3. The worst thing in your life is the existence of alarm clock in the morning. This is what only perpetually tired people will understand.

tired people feelings

4. When people ask how was your day and your reply will be “TIRED”.

tired everytime

5. No matter how noisy your surrounding is, all you want is to sleep.

sleep in noise

6. You are not a night person, nor a morning person. Because you are just a tired person. Really tired!

tired person

7. Everyone knows the trigger signs of your sleepiness. The sleepy eyes!

signs of sleepiness

8. For you, the best times in the world are Saturday and Sundays.

tired people weekend

9. Coffee/tea is what you want every time being a tired person.

coffee lover

10. You love the sweet, enveloping comfort of your bed anytime.

you love your bed

11. Some tired people love reading, because reading compels them to go to sleep…

tired people love reading

12. Any vehicle can make you very comfortable and you can sleep on them anyway, when you get so tired.

sleeping in car

13. Your bed is the most important thing in your life.

tired people hobby

Yes, you are always tired!

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