Things that Only Happen In Girls Hostels

Who does not like living in a hostel? All the privacy you want, no one to keep an eye on you or no one to boss you around but there is a downside too. There are few things that happen in girl’s hostel that every hosteller can relate to. They say “all that glitters is not gold”.

1. When Maggi becomes your best friend

girls and nodles

The food from the mess sucks most of the days and being girls you are not allowed to leave the hostel after evening. So whenever hunger strikes the great Maggi comes to the rescue.

2. When food comes from home

when food comes from home

When food comes from home girls react like “do I know you?” .

3. Stalking guys on social media

stalking boys

Talking about any cute guy they see in a movie or college and finding him on Facebook and stalking him

4. Gossiping

gossip girls

Bitching about the bitch they hate. Mostly girls become friends because they hate the same girl.

5. Throwing surprise birthday parties

surprise birthday party

Since girls love birthdays and surprise, throwing birthday surprise parties is really common and easy in girl’s hostels.

6. Watching too many movies and seasons

watching movies

Since you have a lot of free time in hostel especially in weekends, so you watch a lot of movies and seasons and sometimes due to the bad internet connection you are unable to download new ones, so you end up watching the old movies and seasons again and again.

7. Dance sessions

girls dance

Dance is the best time pass in hostel. Girls love dancing and since no one is there to watch you dance or make fun of you, you dance and dance a lot.

8. Borrowing clothes

borrowing clothes

Best thing about girl’s hostel is that you can borrow any friend’s clothes anytime you want. I often see my hosteller friends wearing each other’s clothes.

9. A lot of cat fights

girls fight

It’s hard to share your room with someone. Sometimes your roommate is not organized just as you or is too much organized, or someone uses your stuff without permission you end up having a fight with them and the next thing you know you are all normal a few minutes later.

10. Decorating the room

decorating hostel room

Hostel rooms are small, congested and plain. Seems like a hospital room. So you try you add colors, make it look pretty and decorate it.


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