12 Things You’ll Understand If You Are An Extremely Messy Person

For many people, to stay neat and clean is one of the most difficult things to keep up. You can be clean, but not for the rest of the life, it’s hard, like very hard. If you are messy, then its must that you have messy closets that you love to hide from everyone. You are an extremely messy person and becoming messier and messier every single day.

Well, it’s not that easy to be like that. You can say that you love your mess. So here are 12 things only messy person will understand.

Don’t worry you are not alone, there are many others just like you.

1. You don’t even care how messy you are. Because you love to be the one.

messy person

2. You constantly lose your things. Your bands, your keys and sometimes your mobile phone too.

when you lose your mobile

3. The white color is not for you as a messy person. Because wearing white means a huge disaster.

being a messy person

4. You’re deeply confused by people who love cleaning and who take days to clean everything.

when you hate cleaning

5. You can’t make your clothes good by ironing. It’s like a complicated work though.

bad ironing

6. When you were younger, you were forced to clean your room always.

go and clean your room

7. You have always gone through the phases of trying to be SUPER CLEAN. But all in vein!

when you try to be super clean

8. You always worry to let your friends into your room. How are they going to react to your mess?

you are a messy person

9. You hate it when someone tidies up for you.

dont touch my stuff

10. Tidying up means finding unlimited items you don’t even remember buying. Shoes, clothes, bags, even some eating stuff too.

when you clean your room

11. You prefer to shove everything under the bed or cupboards in the name of tidying. That’s your way!

push everything under bed

12. And you are actually very, very organized in your own way.

messy and organized person

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