Tips For Beginners To Write A Successful CV(Curriculum Vitae)

What is a CV?

A curriculum vita (CV) is a summary of your experience, skills and education, an overview of your qualifications. In some countries, a C.V. is typically the first item that a potential employer encounters regarding the job seeker and is typically used to screen applicants, often followed by an interview.

When it comes to applying for a new job, your CV could be just the ticket to get you that initial foot in the door and secure an interview – but the question is how do you ensure your CV is added to the interview pile rather than thrown straight in the dustbin? Here are a few tips for you to write your CV.


Make most out of your skills

Mention the skills you’ve gained from past experience.  These include communication skills, team work, computer skills, different languages you know etc. Skills can come out of the most unlikely place, so think hard about what you have learned to gain skills.It is targeted the specific vacancy you’re applying for.

mention your keywords

Stick to no more than two pages of A4

A good CV is always clear and concise. You don’t have to fill pages. You just have to keep things clear and short. Employers receive so many CVs, it’s highly unlikely that they’d read your CV word by word. So if you keep it short and simple, they might like it.


two pages cv


Presentation is the key. A CV should be clean and clearly presented. It should be printed on fine A4 size pages and properly enveloped without any folds. Remember the upper middle area is where recruiter’s eyes will fall first, so don’t forget to put the most important information there.


clear cv

Get the basics right

Get your basics right. These include your personal and contact information, education and qualifications, your past work experience,   relevant skills to the job, achievements and some references.


cv format


Don’t forget to include references. Reference should be from someone who has employed you in the past and can vouch for you. But if you have never worked before, use a teacher as your reference.


cv references

Use of the right words

Use assertive and positive language for your experience such as achieved, organized, cooperative and developed.


right words in cv

Proof reading

Ask someone to proof read it for you for any mistakes.

proof reading of cv

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