Top 10 Most Beautiful Villages In Pakistan

We all know that like any other country, Pakistan has a lot of beautiful and attractive places to see. Have you ever seen the Most Beautiful Villages In Pakistan? If not, then must visit them because the fresh greenery and air will give you the lifetime experience of natural beauty. People tend to go to the biggest cities to see the places, but they don’t know that there are many stunning villages in Pakistan, which are more attractive than big cities.

To feel the heaven on earth, there are still many underrated places you probably have not seen yet. The most beautiful villages in Pakistan! Here is the list of top 10 amazing and most beautiful villages in Pakistan you should visit once. Have a look.

1. Matiltan, KPK

One of the most beautiful villages in Pakistan is Matiltan located in KPK. The huge glaciers, beautiful and tallest peaks are the attractive sceneries one can admire there.

most beautiful villages in pakistan

2. Khalti, Gilgit Baltistan

If you go to Gilgit Baltistan, don’t forget to visit Khalti, the amazing village there. One of the magnificent view there is the lake, which will definitely blow your mind.

khalti gilgit baltistan

3. Ganish, Hunza

Ganish is one of the oldest villages in Pakistan. There are many marvelous places there to see like ancient towers, beautiful and traditional mosques and other historical spots.

ganish village hunza

4. Sust, Upper Hunza

Located in Gojal, Upper Hunza, Sust village is another sign of nature’s gift. If we see it from the Karakoram Highway, then this village is the last town, which is used for the transportation from Pakistan to China and China to Pakistan.

sust upper hunza

5. Kel, Azad Kashmir

The ‘Kel’ village is located in Azad Kashmir. You can see many private hotels and rest houses for tourists to stay. So don’t forget to stay there once you visit Azad Kashmir.

beautiful kel village in pakistan

6. Phander, Gilgit Baltistan

With many beautiful lakes, waterfalls and other breathtaking sites, Gilgit Baltistan is one of the most beautiful region of Pakistan you should visit to the awesome village Phander there .

peaceful village phander gilgit baltistan

7. Manyar, Swat

We can’t forget Swat while talking about the most beautiful villages in Pakistan. No doubt, people visit there for the fascinations, especially in winters, but the Manyar village there grabs tourist’s attention towards it.

manyar swat

8. Satora, KPK

The village Satora is located in the region of Abbotabad, in the province KPK. It is present on the Harro river bank, which gives the tourists amazing and eye catching view.

satora village in kpk

9. Altit, Hunza

Hunza, the beautiful place in Pakistan, where thousands of people come every year to visit the places there. The Altit village in Hunza is another site to see, which also has Altit Fort. It is around 1000 years old, so the oldest monuments in the Gilgit.

altit village altit fort hunza valley

10. Mayoon or Maiun, Hunza

This village is present in the high mountainous area of northern Pakistan, Hunza. The village and a small region of mind blowing and modern farms are what everyone desires to see.

mayoon village in pakistan

The high quality water, tremendous scenic views, mountain peaks, beautiful roads and the natural stuff in Pakistan makes the villages even more beautiful and praiseworthy. So choose your destination and have a safe journey!

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