Top 10 Highly Budgeted Female Actresses of Pakistan

Pakistan is the most talented country in the world which is full of amazing showbiz stars. It’s not easy to become an actor and turning your skills into something really appreciable is something just wow.

Pakistan is the leading country because of different dramas and serials moral lessons. People from all over the world admired the dramas and female actresses of Pakistan because of their true acting skills and adorable natural beauty. Nowadays actresses are demanding huge amount for acting not only in Pakistan female actresses also very confident to step into Bollywood.

Here is the list of top 10 high budgeted female actresses of Pakistan who have earned enormous popularity in the showbiz.

1: Mehwish Hayat.

She is known for her marvelous acting skills which can easily turn out any drama into reality. She has done bundle of dramas and telefilms. From an unknown source it came to know that she has been offered in Lakhs which proved she is on the top demanding highest amount for dramas.

mehwish hayyat

She has also done many successful shows on different channels. In film industry ‘Na Maloom Afraad’ she appeared as the item girl and danced for item song. Recently she was judge in the “VEET supermodel show” which proved her success in the showbiz.

2: Mahira Khan.

There is no doubt that Mahira Khan is one the most beautiful actresses of Pakistan. She has earned lots of appreciation by her fine and real acting. Her work in television serials is always amazing which proved that she has tremendous talent.

Her best serial was ‘Humsafar’ in which her work was also appreciated by the other countries. “Zindagi Gulzar Hai” was another best serial done by her. She has worked in the Pakistani movie ‘Bol’ which proved that she is evergreen star of the Pakistani industry. Now she is also in the race to get high budget for work as she deserves.

mahira khan

3:  Ayesha Khan.

Well one can become easily speechless by seeing the amazing work of Ayesha khan. She is beautiful actress of Pakistan. She started from the bottom but now she is in the amazing position to beat any actress in Pakistan by her acting skills.

She is on the number 3 in the race of highly budgeted actresses. Through her unique acting she had also become the part of successful Pakistani movie ‘WAAR’. Ayesha has proved that she is the versatile actress and that’s the reason why every producer and director wants this lady for their dramas.

ayesha khan

4: Saba Qamar.

She is an actress and a TV host too who demands high budget for any drama. Her best serials were ‘MAAT’ and “Ullu Baraye Farokht Nahi” one of the recent completed serial was ‘Digest Writer’. Saba has proved that she can do anything by her good skills and sharp beauty. She is the queen of many hearts because she acts like she is in the real state. She is also host in the comedy show “Hum Sab Umeed Se Hay”.

saba qamar

5: Ayesha Omar.

Pakistani Actress Ayesha Omar is not only actor she has proved herself as singer too by singing a perfect song “Lage re nain”. She is on the number 5 in rank of top 10 highly paid actresses of Pakistan. She has also seen in the many brand add which shows she is multitalented. Recently she did the super movie named “Karachi se Lahore” which proved that she has pleasant personality and amazing looks with perfect acting sense.

ayesha omar

6: Aamina Sheikh.

Not only she is the mature actress of Pakistan but also very amazing and versatile. She is married to Mohib Mirza actor of Pakistani dramas. She has also done many films and won the hearts of many people which proves that she deserves fame.

Aamina Sheikh

7: Mahnoor Baloch.

She is one of the highly paid actresses in the Pakistani industry. She is just beautiful like her name Mahnoor which means piece of moon. She is matured actress ever and she has proved in her drama “mera sain”. No one can ever compete her acting abilities which show she is evergreen actress.


8: Sanam Baloch.

One must say that the words are not enough to explain the beauty and innocence of Sanam Baloch. She is one of the fine actresses of the Pakistan dramas industry. She has done lots of dramas “Kankar” and “Daam” are best rated dramas of her.

sanam baloch

9: Syra Yousuf.

Syra Yousuf wife of shehroz sabzwari  also demands high payment for dramas serials . She made her acting debut in serial “Mera naseeb” which was aired on the Hum TV.

saira yousaf

10: Sajjal Ali.

She is one of the beautiful actresses of Pakistan who is young and talented. She has earned the height of success in her beginning of career by hit drama serials. She has renovated herself into a ruling diva by her awesome dialogue delivery and charming voice.

sajjal ali

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