Top 20 Best Universities In The World You Should Know

Many universities in the world, especially the English speaking one are dominating the world with their amazing talents and outstanding education. When it comes to education, everyone wants the best as the deserving student. The Best Universities in the World have the top rankings on the basis of quality of education, quality of faculty, citations, alumni employment, influence and the board impacts.

Looking at the top 20 best universities in the world, the universities in America are more in numbers in the given below list. At these universities, you will be rubbing shoulders with the brightest students and faculty. The faculty with higher skills are present to develop the students and mark their names among the engineers, doctors, scientists and thinkers.

Students prefer these universities and desire to get admission there. We have gathered top 20 best universities in the world. Each university has given the rankings according to the Times Higher Education. Check out the list and see the total score!

1. University of Oxford, UK

best universities in the world

Teaching: 89.6

Research: 99.1

Citations: 99.2

Overall: 95.0

2. California Institute of Technology, US

california institute of technology US

Teaching: 95.5

Research: 95.7

Citations: 99.8

Overall: 94.3

3. Stanford University, US

stanford university US

Teaching: 92.6

Research: 95.9

Citations: 99.9

Overall: 93.8

4. University of Cambridge, UK

university of cambridge uk

Teaching: 90.6

Research: 97.2

Citations: 96.8

Overall: 93.6

5. Massachusetts Institute of Technology, US

massachusetts institute of technology US

Teaching: 90.3

Research: 92.3

Citations: 99.9

Overall: 93.4

6. Harvard University, US

harvard popular university

Teaching: 87.5

Research: 98.3

Citations: 99.7

Overall: 92.7

7. Princeton University, US

princeton university US

Teaching: 89.5

Research: 88.5

Citations: 99.2

Overall: 90.2

8. Imperial College London, UK

imperial college london UK

Teaching: 86.4

Research: 86.6

Citations: 97.3

Overall: 90.0

9. Swiss Federal Institute of Technology at Zurich, Switzerland

swiss federal institute of technology at zurich switzerland

Teaching: 81.5

Research: 93.7

Citations: 92.5

Overall: 89.3

10. University of California at Berkeley, US

university of california at berkeley US

Teaching: 82.4

Research: 96.1

Citations: 99.8

Overall: 88.9

11. University of Chicago, US

university of chicago US

Teaching: 88.1

Research: 89.1

Citations: 99.1

Overall: 88.9

12. Yale University, US

yale university US

Teaching: 88.5

Research: 87.8

Citations: 97.8

Overall: 88.2

13. University of Pennsylvania, US

university of pennsylvania US

Teaching: 85.9

Research: 88.9

Citations: 98.6

Overall: 87.1

14. University of California at Los Angeles, US

university of california at los angeles US

Teaching: 82.9

Research: 89.0

Citations: 98.4

Overall: 86.6

15. University College London, UK

university college london uk

Teaching: 77.4

Research: 90.0

Citations: 94.0

Overall: 86.5

16. Columbia University, US

columbia university US

Teaching: 86.9

Research: 78.9

Citations: 98.6

Overall: 86.1

17. Johns Hopkins University, US

johns hopkins university US

Teaching: 77.4

Research: 84.3

Citations: 98.4

Overall: 85.9

18. Duke University, US

duke university US

Teaching: 80.7

Research: 80

Citations: 98.8

Overall: 84.7

19. Cornell University, US

cornell university US

Teaching: 79.7

Research: 86.5

Citations: 97.2

Overall: 84.6

20. Northwestern University, US

northwestern university US

Teaching: 75.8

Research: 85.0

Citations: 97.0

Overall: 83.7

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