Top 5 Cleanest Cities Of The World!

It is the desire of every person to live in a place that is clean and admirable in its beauty. Increasing population, polluted environment and dirty roads are contributing to make this dream a dream only. The demand of residents for having cleanest place to live is increasing day by day. The cleaner your cities to live, the healthier you and your family are. Here is the list of top 5 most cleanest cities and beautiful places of this world.

Oslo, Norway.

cleanest city Oslo, Norway

This city is praised for its continuous struggle in reducing the pollution. It is known as the most expensive cities of the world. It is located in the North European continent. This place was ranked as the second most greenest and liveable city of the world. It provides many sea sites as an attraction for the tourists.

Wellington, Newzealand.

cleanest city Wellington, Newzealand

It is one of the cleanest cities in the world. It’s a great tourist attraction. This place is full of natural beauty, greenry, mountains and clean streets that are highly appealing for living in. it a on the top in terms of the air quality and energy consumption. This city attracts more than 2.6 million visitors each year.

Honolulu, Hawaii.

cleanest city Honolulu, Hawaii

Millions of tourists visit this beautiful place each year. The air of this gorgeous city is so clean that plays an important role in providing attraction to the tourists. Regular rain falls also aid to keep the environment clean and impressively attractive. It is reknowned as the tropical paradise.

Adelaide, Australia.

cleanest city Adelaide, Australia.

This city is the capital of South Australia and lofty mountains increase the beauty of this city. It has been ranked as the most liveable city of Australia, along with that it has perfectly developed the educational system and recycling methods that are contributing in the cleanliness of the city.

Calgary, Canada.

cleanest city Calgary, Canada

This city is on the top in the list of most beautiful cities of the world that has been released recently. Two major rivers run through this city and guarantee the humidity in the climate of the area. It has been continuously ranked in top three cities of the world in the last five years.

It was the list of the cleanest cities of the world. The cleanliness of these cities is because of their air quality and traffic control. All of the countries should work on these systems to make their cities beautiful and clean to live in.

What makes these cities better than the other cities of the world.

These beautiful and cleanest cities of the world show that it is not difficult to keep the environment clean and beautiful. These cities are also maintained by the humans and other cities of the world are also maintained by them but there is a better control found in these countries and especially cities that make them a part of this list.


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