Top 6 Most Expensive Makeup Brands In The World

The makeup is considered as the powerful tool to make your entire look more splendid, especially for those ladies who are little bit conscious. You like different stuff in makeup like lipsticks, mascara, blush and so on.  If you are that type of women who will firstly look upon the quality of every makeup brand, then many famous and expensive makeup brands are available in the market to choose from. After all, it’s the question of your skin.

The items of these brands are ranging from lowest to highest rates so you can choose according to your budget and need. These expensive makeup brands are very renowned among all the people, who love cosmetics. So whether you are a celeb or a common person, you admire your makeup as a basic essential.

Given below is the list of top 6 most expensive makeup brands in the world and I am sure you will love to use them at least once.

1. Chanel

Everyone is well aware of this amazing brand, and many people prefer to use the products of this brand only. Not only in cosmetics, this is one of the most expensive makeup brands famous for the clothes, bags, shoes and other fashion accessories. The Chanel brand was started in 1909 in France by the famous Coco Chanel. Henceforth, this brand is named as the number 1 makeup brand in the world.

chanel expensive makeup brands

2. Mary Kay

On the second rank, we have Mary Kay, founded in 1963 by Mary Kay Ash in Texas. They spent a huge amount of money on beauty consultant’s training to offer the best advice on their beauty products. Although, this is the expensive brand not affordable to everyone, but it gives the quality products to its customers.

mary kay makeup3. L’Oreal

L’Oreal is categorized as one of the largest cosmetic companies in the world with the total assets worth of 28,219 billion euros in 2013. This brand is working from France famous for the broad range of products, the primary requirement of all the ladies in the world. Along with the huge success of vast product line, they never compromise on their quality and color range. The best thing is that they have bio-pharmaceutical research and development teams for the maintenance of their each product.

Best LOreal makeup4. MAC

Founded in Toronto, Canada, MAC is the world famous brand, because of their professional makeup artists and range of colored products. Like other brands, they especially focus on their quality in every product like, lip-gloss, lipstick, blush, nail polish, foundations and many more. To look flawless, must go to the MAC store, because this brand is the top most famous. It gives you a complete makeover look through their incredible products.

MAC makeup brand5. Estee Lauder

This brand was started in New York in 1946 by Estee Lauder and Joseph Lauder. It was the first company who excelled in the men cosmetics too. Not only makeup, this brand also produces fragrances, hair care and skin care products. If you want best colors in lipsticks, then Estee Lauder should be your first preference.

estee lauder famous brand6. Artistry

The makeup brand based on the nutrition and science is Artistry, stated by a couple. This brand is famous because they create beauty products with the fruits of Africa and Mediterranean in order to enhance the quality. The Artistry was launched in 1968 under the Nutrilite Brand. It provides the skin care products in different 108 countries of the world.

artistry makeup brand world famous