Top 6 Forts of Pakistan You Must Visit

Fort is a building that is made up of thick walls, it has towers usually. Forts in Pakistan are usually considered to be the private residence of any lord or noble. Forts are used as a historical place, and people visit them to see the real art, these places are mostly visited by the tourists but if you are a Pakistani then by not visiting these 10 places you are missing a great beauty of our country.

1.Red Fort Muzaffarabad

red fort

It is also known as Muzaffarabad fort. It is situated alongside Neelum river in Muzaffarabad. It is said that this fort was completed in 1646. This fort has lost it’s importance during the Mughal rule in Kashmir. However it has recovered its importance later. Its architecture shows that it was designed by the professional constructors. It’s a must visit place.

2.Derawar Fort

derawar fort

This fort is located in Bahawalpur. It is one of the largest square fortress in Pakistan. This fort was built by the Hindu Rajput. It remained the residence of the royal family till 1733. This fort is still found in a very good condition. It is having forty bastions which are visible from many miles in the Cholistan Desert.

3.Rohtas Fort

Rohtas Fort

This fort is located in Dina Town, the city of Jhelum. This fort has taken 8 years in completion and 30,000 men working on it. It is irregular in shape. Most of its part are built with ashlar stones. It was later used by the Mughal emperor Akbar and Sikhs.

4.Faiz Mahal

faiz mahal

It is one the architectural assets of Pakistan. It is located in Khairpur which is a district of Sindh. It is having a history of more than 200 years. This palace is also known as “Aram Garr”. It is a classical piece of Mughal artwork. It consists of many buildings.

5.Royal Fort Lahore

Royal fort lahore

It is also known as Shahi Qila. It is located in old Lahore which is the part of the city Lahore. It was built by the Mughal emperor Akbar. It has two gates, one of them opens towards the badshahi mosque and the other gate opens towards the walled city. Rich traditions are demonstrated through this fort.

6.Sadiq Garh Palace

sadiq garh palace

This palace is known for its elegance and glory. It is located in Bahawalpur which is a district of Punjab Province. It was completed in ten years and fifteen lac were spent on its construction. Its construction shows that it was built by the expert engineers. A beautiful dome is found in the centre of the building.

These are the top 6 forts of Pakistan that are just made to attract the tourists and the citizens.

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