Top 7 Dangerous Banned Toys For Kids

Parents tend to give their children the best things, especially when they demand toys, regardless of what era we are growing up in we should know that things are as difficult as we are moving towards more scientific inventions. Now you are thinking that how it could be possible so the answer is with each passing years toy companies are going towards banning more dangerous stuffs for kids that could be result in death.

Parental guidance suggested in this way to keep their children away from these deadly and banned toys. Here we have a list of 7 dangerous toys for the kids have a look on them!

1. Battlestar Galactica Colonial Viper

colonial viper

Have you ever thought that why every small toy has a choking warning on its box? This colonial viper toy had the same instructions on it by keeping the incidence in mind that how 4 year old kid choked to death in 1978 because this viper had a firing missile. The next step was to sue this toy and made this choking warning labeled forever on every small toy.

2. CSI: Asbestos

crime scene investigation

This toy was inspired by the CBS show CSI named as Crime Scene Investigation, which were seen as the fingerprint examination kit. It endorsed children to take fingerprints by a special sort of powder and brushes, but then everyone came to know that this powder contains 5% asbestos.

3. Super Blast Balls

Blast balls

This toy has this name because of its features which let two balls splash together and then boom after making some noise. This was the whole toy about, but no one noticed that this can produce mass destruction and injuries so this toy didn’t make any sense and banned.

4. Sky Dancers

fairies sky dancers

The Sky dancer toy was actually the fairies with amazing soft wings when the string was pulled these fairies twist back to the ground after shoot into the air. The problem with this toy was they dropped into the ground with very high velocity and could cause various eyes and other injuries.

5. Jarts

banned toys

Also known as lawn darts, were pieces of solid metal that could easily cause injury for children as well as for adults too, besides the fact that the note had written on the box with wordings “Not a toy for use by children”. These darts were responsible for many injuries which lead to 7000 and some deaths too and were banned in 1988.


metal balls

These clackers were also known as Click Clackers and Knockers consisted of heavy metal balls that could be knocked with each other as fast as possible with the help of strings attached. These knockers were also resulted in injuries so were officially banned.

7. Candy Cigarettes

candy cigerates to chew

The candies that look like a cigarette are still sold legally in many countries besides the fact that taught and encourage children how to smoke. It was banned in Dakota from 1953 to 1967 and Canadian law still omits any candy branding that look like the cigarette company brand.

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