Top 8 Desi Husbands Every Girl Wished For

Every time Desi wives love to irritate their husbands and do an investigation for their husband’s single task which proved them to be the most TASHANABLE wives of the world. This time we should praise good husbands every girl wished for.

Girls want perfect husbands with unlimited qualities and those men who can do anything for their wives, also known as so called Desi husbands. Let’s have a look on these Desi husbands and must vote for your favorite one!

1. From a girls point of view, their husbands should be rich and FUZOOL KHARCH so they can invest infinite on their wives.

rich desi husband

2. A Desi husband must be hot and handsome who should have amazing fashion sense and good looking. For some girls, the definition of husband is tall, dark and handsome where some desires to have the GORA husband. In short, girls wish for Prince Charm.

handsome desi husband

3. He must have quality to live like JODU KA GHULAM in all matters and do whatever his wife wants because he is in the category of Desi husband.

JODU KA GHULAM desi husband

 4. The one who does shopping for you and insist you to do stuff of your choice.

shopping master desi husband

5. Desi husband should compliment wife every time, but how?

girls dream desi husband

6. Husbands must give surprises and gifts to their ladies again and again to keep them happy and calm. This is one of the wishes of wives now a days.

ideal desi husband

7. The one who only loves you and you are the ONLY women in his life so don’t worry, he would not be able to ditch you or flirt with other women.

loyal desi husband

 8. Husbands should be like; To take care of wives and protect them from all the troubles.

strong desi husband

So girls, which type of husband you wished to have in your life???

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