Top 8 Habits Of Men That Women Don’t Get

We all have males in our life as brothers, friends, father, sons or partners and men are the most annoying creatures with really weird habits that we would never understand. But they are loving fathers, caring sons, helping friends and understanding partners and you have got to love them.

1: The nose picking habit.

The worst habit of men is nose picking. Which they often do in public and don’t even feel embarrassed about it. And most of the time they pick their nose and stick the buggers to anything they find nearby.

nose picking


2:Burping and finding it funny.

Men have a weird habit of burping in public and laughing about it. I wonder what is funny about burping.


3:Cleaning hands with inside of the pockets after a meal.

So, I have often seen my brother cleaning his hands with the inside of his pockets specially after having meal, even if a tissue is available.


4:Mr. know it all.

They always act like the “alpha”. They think they know everything and they can never be wrong and that is super annoying. They act like they run the show.

i know all

5:Keeping checks.

Men do whatever they want. Stare at other girls and talk to any girl they want but when their partner does something like that, they cannot handle it. They start keeping checks and suffocating the other person. They become a detective when it comes to their girls.


6:Staring at girls.

Guys stare at girls like it’s the first one they have ever seen and they don’t even feel embarrassed about it. They don’t realize they it makes us very uncomfortable.

men staring women

7:Inability to express their feelings.

I am sure every girl love knowing how his partner feels about her but men suck at expressing their feelings. They think they might come off as a weak person but they are wrong. It is the other way around.


8:Leaving the toilet seat up.

Yes, the most annoying habit of men is leaving the toilet seat up. They always forget to put the lid down. They cannot even take a second out of their lives to put the lid down.




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