The Top 8 Rich Iron Containing Foods

If you have a scarcity of sleep and feeling burnt out in your life, that means you have a deficiency of iron, which may result into many problems and lazy routine. So must sure that you are eating enough Iron Containing Foods because iron is the most common form of nutritional deficiency, especially in the children and probably in the pregnant women too. You can get many infections and can suffer from illness if not getting enough iron so women ages from 19 to 50 should consume 18 milligrams of iron per day, but 27 milligrams if they are pregnant. “There are two types of iron: Heme iron from animal sources and non-heme iron from plant sources,” says Frances Largeman-Roth, RD, and New York Times bestselling author. “It’s important to get both types from your diet.”

The human body cannot live without iron because it is a necessary mineral which is a component of the protein known as hemoglobin. It carries the oxygen in your red blood cells, so without the iron you will always feel dizzy and tired. This will also lead to weaken your whole system, so must sure that you have enough cells to let your body work properly. Here we have gathered 8 rich Iron Containing Foods, add these foods to your menu and explore your choice!

1. Iron Containing Foods – Cashews

Do you know 30 grams of the crunchy cashew nuts contains 1.5 mg of iron? They can make a tasty addition to any fry or vegetable dish. The cashews help to keep you healthy and keep your blood cell function properly. Moreover, cashew nuts keep your enzyme activity in check by providing magnesium, zinc and phosphorus. So energize yourself by adding cashews in your diet!

eat cashews to get iron

2. Dried Apricots

Everyone just loves to eat apricots which have many health benefits, not only this the dried apricots is also one of the most versatile fruits. By enjoying them in the jams, liquor and pastries, you can satisfy your body with the multiple nutrients and benefits this fruit provides. They are also the richest source of non-heme iron, which helps to prevent anemia and keeps you more energetic.

Rich Iron Containing Foods

3. Chickpeas

The chickpeas contain 5 mg of iron per cup and also have the capability to contain a hearty dose of protein. So if you are a vegetarian, this yummy food is gong to be the best option to add to your daily diet. You can enjoy them in different salads, pasta, salsa dish or in your hummus, depends on your mood. For rich iron absorption, try to incorporate them with tomatoes and broccoli!

eat chickpeas to get iron

4. Beans

Beans are the wonderful option to get iron and it they contain 3 to 7 mg of iron per cup. You can pair them with cauliflower, tomatoes, broccoli, kale or some other stuff you like. With the iron, these all paired up foods will also give you vitamin C to absorb non-heme iron in the body. Enjoy the dip and eat option with the help of beans!

beans contain iron

5. Chicken

Only few people know that chicken is also the best source of iron. It helps to carry oxygen through your body and makes you energetic for the whole day. You can enjoy the chicken with some boiled vegetables, cashew nuts and also in the form of rich and pure salad. Many possibilities are there!

chicken contains iron

6. Prunes

We know that prunes are the best food used for constipation and keep you regular, but along this, prunes also contain iron and vitamin C. Try to develop the habit to eat 2 to 3 prunes a day and satisfy your hunger by enjoying the prune energy bars.

prunes give iron

7. Dark Chocolate

If you are the dark chocolate lover, but no one allows you to eat it, then you have the awesome reason to enjoy it – to take rich iron. Three ounces of dark chocolate, which is equal to one small bar contains 7mg of iron. Make sure to choose that dark chocolate, which contain 45 to 69 percent of cacao solids.

dark chocolate provides iron

8. Kidney Beans

To add kidney beans to any dish or fresh salad can give you many benefits your body wants. The kidney beans help to stabilize insulin levels by lowering cholesterol and known as one of the rich Iron Containing Foods. They are also a good option to boost your iron so incorporate them with some veggies. Moreover, kidney beans are the amazing way to reduce your weight.

kidney beans

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