Top 8 Super Healthy Foods For Teens

Proteins, vitamins, calcium, in short, good and healthy nutrients are important for all, regardless of the gender, but they are more essential for growing teenagers. In today’s era, teenagers preferred to eat what they like and they are living with their terrible eating habits. These eating habits include the junk foods that are leading the teens to the problem of obesity. Due to the commencement of the puberty, the highest nutritional and Healthy Foods are recommended for all the teenagers.

So to get rid of all the problems, there should be proper healthy eating habits, which will surely make a huge difference in your life. I am discussing 8 healthy foods for teens that are loaded with high nutrients. So read them out and live your life by managing your body!

1. Healthy Foods – Milk

Milk is the source of energy and nutrients for all the people, especially for the growing kids. Drink a glass of milk for a better system of the body as it also helps to restore the lost fluids in the body. Rich in calcium and make you stronger, must make a habit to drink milk daily. If any of your teenager don’t like this drink, then add some flavors or make some milkshake.

milk for teens

2. Dry Fruits

Fats in the junk and other non-healthy foods will not help you to make your body work better, rather it will make you lazy and dry. If you want some good fats that are also needed by your body, then eat dry fruits like almonds, hazelnuts, peanuts, cashews, walnut and many others which are sources of good fats. Moreover, try to develop the habit to eat dry fruits daily as it helps to increase and sharpen your memory power.

dry fruits for teens

3. Yogurt

Known as the rich source of protein, yogurt is also in the list of healthy foods for teens because it helps to stimulate the immune system. If your kids want some innovative food, then mix the yogurt with their favorite fruits, probably the berries would be the best. Convert this yogurt into a well eaten yummy dessert and enjoy the taste. Moreover, it is also very good for your skin.

super healthy foods for teens

4. Honey

The best use of honey is to use as the cure of many ailments and is one of the best home remedies one could have. Honey helps to soothe the throat irritation, cough, ulcers and many others. The daily dose of honey for the teens is must as it also acts as anti-fungal and anti-bacterial food.

honey for teens

5. Brown Rice

The brown rice is a good source of energy and known as the very healthier as compared to the white one. Brown rice helps to control the heart diseases and also prevent the arterial plaque from building up. As brown rice is a member of the whole grain family, so it’s obvious that it is a good source of antioxidants. Make a bowl of white rice and enjoy the fiber it contains!

brown rice good for teens

6. Eggs

Everybody knows the importance of eggs in all the body problems. If you are feeling cold, try eggs, if you want to lose your weight, take eggs, if you want to remove belly fat then eggs are best. Moreover, the nutrients under the eggs are helpful for bones, blood, skin and muscles. So why not try this amazing food when it has so many advantages?

eggs for teens

7. Fish

The best source of proteins and omega 3-fatty acids is fish which is an amazing food for teenagers. The fish improves the brain functions and a fine source of vitamins and minerals. Try this with different dips and enjoy your age!

super healthy fish for teenagers

8. Dark Chocolate

This is one of the interesting foods that teens will surely love to eat every day. Dark chocolates are rich in minerals, vitamins and antioxidants that helps to boost up your energy and mood. So eat this, sharpen your brain and this will make you feel and look great.

dark chocolate for teens

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