Top 8 Weird Foods Of The World

Have you ever thought to eat fried brains or spicy heart with weird drinks? of course not, but people tend to eat these foods somewhere in this world. Most people do not even consider adding these foods to the contents of their recipe book. Here is the list of top 8 weird foods around the world and after reading this you people can trust the fact that one person’s scrap can be the best gem  for another.

1. Puffin heart

Puffin heart lover

Puffins are those species who have black and white feathers with long, large beautiful beaks. Their hearts are famous to eat by the inhabitants of the northern hemisphere. We have shown you a picture, but if you see these cute puffins live next time you will definitely visualize yourself cracking their necks and taking out their hearts.

2. Balut

weird food

A balut is a duck egg that is boiled in a very specific way and eaten in the shell. It is created in the Phillipines and hawked as a street food. People of different countries love to eat it and they often take it with the beer in order to enjoy a very fine taste. The rest is up to you whether you like or hate this food.

 3. Yak penis

Penis as food

There is a famous saying about Chinese food that “The key to eating real Chinese food is don’t ask what it is” because the Chinese can eat anything which has four legs except tables, and everything that flies, except airplanes. This dish is so famous in China and Chinese think that it gives you the same benefits like Spanish

4. Sannakji

weird food to eat

This dish is so called famous in Korea and also named as raw dish. Served with sesame oil, this small octopus has been cut into small pieces. Sometimes, you can see sannakji pieces moving on the plate so you have to be a little faster to place your chopsticks on it.

5. Monkey brain

Monkey brains food

This weird dish consists of the brains of species like monkey or ape. People find it very delicious and mushy, but you should get drunk before trying this dish for the first time.

6. Pig blood with bread

bad taste food

In many countries, people use blood of different animals as food with the combination of bread or meat. The blood can be consumed as a thick sauce in Hungary and also known as taboo food. Here the blood of pigs is fried with different vegetables or onions in order to serve at breakfast.

7. Jumiles

Jumiles food

Mexican dish which is spicy, strong and you can call it sting bugs enjoyed, mixed with salsa. You can have the recipe of this dish by combining tomatoes, onions and chilies. This is one of the most strangest dishes ever, but those knows the best who have once tasted it.

8. Bird’s nest soup

Birds nest weird food

You cannot believe that the Chinese have used saliva in different dishes and soups for hundreds of years. There are many varieties of saliva and bird’s nest soup and is one of the most expensive dishes in this world estimate up to 10,000 USD per bowl.

Endeavor or eschew these dishes they will definitely make your mind dizzy and regurgitated once.

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