Amazing Facts About Tremendous Football Player Ronaldo

The super name among the greatest footballers of the world is Cristiano Ronaldo, who is the most followed footballers due to his awesome style and unique way of doing everything. The Football Player Ronaldo just broke numerous records for his club and for his country which has made everyone proud.

Millions of people admired him because of his stunning sense of style and now he is ranked as the best player around the world. From sports to the Fashionista icon, Ronaldo has proved that he can do anything with full determination.

Lets welcome Ronaldo by knowing his amazing facts that will absolutely make your day!

1. Tremendous Football Player Ronaldo – No Tattoo, Don’t Smoke or Drink

Ronaldo doesn’t drink, smoke and don’t have any tattoos like other athletes because he donates blood twice a year, which he cannot want to be affected by his tattoos. Also, he doesn’t smoke and drink because of the fact that his father died because of alcohol abuse and smoking so he don’t want anything to disturb his career.

Football Player Ronaldo

2. Financial Situation

Ronaldo was so poor when he was a child where he lived in a small house with less rooms and he used to share his room with his siblings.

football player ronaldo background

3. Crybaby and Littlebee

When Ronaldo was a kid, he was nicknamed as “cry-baby” because he used to cry when he passed in his exams and his friends just failed. People gave him the awesome nicknames “cry-baby” and “little-bee” because he was too fast and nobody could be able to catch him.

ronaldo nickname in childhood

4. International Sensation

When he was only 14 he was expelled from the school because he threw a chair at his teacher and the reason behind this is, his teacher disrespected him. It was a positive turning point for Ronaldo which turned him a brilliant international star.

turning point for Ronaldo

5. Gym Training

Ronaldo started gym training when he was a teenager where he used to lift up the weights on his foot because he had a passion to play with weights and he thought that by doing this he can become faster.

ronaldo gym training

6. Ronaldo as a Father

He officially became a father on 3rd July 2010 under his full custody by giving the child his name Cristiano Ronaldo Jr. Ronaldo said that mother is  a waitress he once dated for a short period.

Ronaldo as a Father

7. Museu CR7

In his hometown Portugal, there is a museum named as Museu CR7 which contains all the stuff related to Ronaldo like his rare photographs, his amazing trophies and medals.

Museu CR7 of ronaldo

8. Cheetah Power

Ronaldo generates 5G of G-force when he jumps which is five times the power of real cheetah. This allows him to reach 44cm of heights in the air and 78cm with the run up.

Ronaldo jump power

9. Athletic

Unlike anyone, Ronaldo has only 10% fat on his body which makes him a perfect example of fast sprinting and the courses of the athlete. Arnold Schwarzenegger said that Ronaldo is one of the finest athlete in the world.

athletic power of ronaldo

10. Net Worth

The net worth of Ronaldo is $250 million and if any club wants Ronaldo to play for them, they would have to pay $1 billion.

amazing facts about ronaldo

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