5 Awesome Tricks To Click Professional Photographs With Your Smartphone Like A Pro

To click a perfect picture like a pro is really tricky, especially with your smartphone. It requires the same thing as taking photos with any other great camera. You should have to create a good scene, good brightness and lightning, editing software, angle and you are ready to make your photographs fantastic as ever. There are awesome tricks to click professional photographs with your smartphone so here are handy tips that will help you to become the master of this art.

No worries! Because these 5 tips will make your phone pictures from ordinary to amazing. Have a look!

1. Understand your phone camera settings

To click professional photographs with your smartphone, firstly you need to know your phone camera settings, because the default auto mode doesn’t help sometimes. You should learn to control the exposure, white balance and focus of your phone’s camera.

Tricks To Click Professional Photographs With Your Smartphone

2. Use high definition resolution

The higher the resolution of your photo, the better quality it is. Although the HDR mode enables you to take amazing pictures, but it also occupies the greater memory, so the best option is to save HDR pictures externally, rather than in your phone. Use high definition resolution, while clicking sceneries and there’s not a chance for bad pictures.

HDR photos

3. Get a new look for your photos with amazing filters

There are hundreds of applications that give your pictures best filter touch, whether it’s Instagram or Snapchat. You can make your photographs seeing worthy with filters, just like the filter with fall leaves touch. So choose best filter app and add a new sparkle to your ordinary image.

add filters to your photos

4. Play with color blocking

Isn’t it cool to make your entire photo black and white except for a single object? It really looks good and yes, there are apps for that too. You can give a color to your necklace or to stand out in photography, highlight the flower in your hand with a bold shade. One of the most famous app is Touch Color so download asap and play with colors.

color blocking to your photos

5. Go towards natural light

In order to become the best photographer, take photos in natural light. Your food will look more appetizing, your facial expressions will look more cheerful and it will look best. If you can’t go out, you can do this near windows or doors or you can play with the shadows to give your photos amazing effects with depth.

click photos in natural light

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