These Turkish Men Singing Afreen Afreen Is A Must-Watch Video For Pakistanis

Do you remember the time when Momina Mustehsan and Rahat Fateh Ali Khan sang Afreen Afreen in Coke Studio? If yes, then you have something more adorable to watch. These Turkish men singing Afreen Afreen is so much amazing and you must have not seen the mind-boggling thing than this. The treasured song has brought Momina to fame and this time the amazing voice has become viral everywhere.

Many tracks have been made on NFAK famous song, but these Turkish men singing Afreen Afreen is our most favorite to date. They have made every lady crazy.

So, here are Emirhan Özdemir and Hakan Eser.


Wait, the guy on the left looks exactly like Fawad Afzal Khan! Hain na? With his looks and Turkish accent, he has made every single moment of this song much hotter. Seriously the resemblance is uncanny.

Here we present Hakan Eser. Drooling and drooling!

turkish guy hakan eser

We just want to hear him again and again. On repeat!

fawad khan ditto

After the video went viral, every single person is just judging him for his looks. Don’t forget to follow him!

turkey people

And the people are losing their minds. Read out the comments!

turkish men singing afreen afreen

Sort of new Turkish crush!

turkish guys song video

So who is going to Turkey? ASAP!

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