Types Of Guys Found On FaceBook

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Devotees of a political party

These guys post statuses about how great their political party is and will demean you for supporting anyone else. Their favorite politicians are saints no matter what they do. Ugly fights can be seen among friends beneath these statuses.


The ever so lonely

lonely cat meme

Posting about sad and dramatic things-( psst! : NO ONE CARES!), these guys are so annoying. And hello you there it’s not so manly!  The drama queens of facebook.


The Stalking- friend

online stalking friend

Stalking – stalking- friend request sent ! they might have over 100 friends on their social media but in real they might not be able to talk to you upfront. They send requests to people they find impressive and hope to get a response- you wish!

p.s Their friend list is full of people like ‘cool dude’ ‘cutie princess’- imaginary friends would be better people!




The ones who flatter


We have a lot of these, who inbox random people, trying to butter into their friend list. .FYI: never works!


flattering 2

The check(in)ers

friend selfie

Guys who Check in about everywhere they go- they leave the bathrooms alone? I am so surprised!

Guys who post pictures with you

Guys who post pictures with you and make you look like their best friend. .umm creepy much?? Note to these guys: POSTING PICTURES WITH GIRLS WONT MAKE YOU LOOK ANY COOL!

The gym guy

gym guy selfie

They live to work out. Posting questionable pictures showing off their abs and biceps, check ins at gym, they even have gym for every problem’s solution.

The stalkers


You meet them at a friend’s wedding; you get a friend request the same night. They will hunt you down from the most secluded corners of face book and send you the request. And makes you feel guilty about ignoring the request. So these people are ultimately in the list of all the people they ever have laid eyes on.

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