10 Types Of Men You Will Definitely Find In A Pakistani Gym

For all the ladies there, a good body of men is what everyone desires and it leads to an active lifestyle. A gym is like an asylum, where you work out, you sweat out, and boost up your body in a judge free zone. You can have the music with you and some healthy green juices to make your body worth praising. So if you’re ready, then be alone and get away from all the distractions. But, it will not happen in a Pakistani gym, because you have to deal with the distracting stuff there, not because of the machines. It’s all because of people who go there and act weirdly!

You can see many types of men in a Pakistani gym, doing different activities and some corny people you’ll ever encounter in life. One can see the cartoon characters there, who have different reasons to come to the gym. If you have your own gym at your home, then nothing is more pleasing than it, but if not, then the community gym is waiting for you. There are many hilarious things you will notice inside the Pakistani gym and also the types of men there. Actually the weirdest one! Here we go…

1. The Show Off Piece

The one who will walk into the gym with good clothes and style, but for what? Only to show off! You will see him, banging the weights and sighs loudly with full efforts to show everyone that he can lift up anything, but in reality he can’t even able to handle more than 30 kgs.

10 types of men you will definitely find in a pakistani gym

2. The One With Weird Body Odor

Body odor everywhere! Those men who don’t know anything about deodorants. He doesn’t care what everyone thinks about him, because all he wants to do exercise.

smelly guy at gym

3. The Gym Rat

Whose ultimate goal is to work, work, work and lift bulk, bulk, bulk. For him, there is no time to be lazy. This gym rat will give you the real fitness goals by having protein shakes. He is completely obsessed with workout and looks like a tree stump and hard as concrete. And yes, he doesn’t have any other goals in his life. Really not!

the gym rat

4. The Middle Aged Fitness Aficionado

You can recognize him by yellow headband and droopy gym shorts. His hair might be falling, but he has real strength to workout. He also takes water and lemon water after every 30 minute break. He is the oldest member of the gym and can only use the slow equipments.

middle aged fitness aficionado

5. The Selfie Guy

That guy will prove that nothing is important for him than taking selfies everywhere. Doesn’t matter, it’s club, restaurant or gym, he will be seen taking selfies of his every pose. His next step would be to show his body to everyone by posting selfies on social media. Truly known as selfie ka mareez!

selfie guy in pakistani gym

6. That Boyfriend Or Husband Who Has Been Forcefully Sent To The Gym

This man has been sent to the gym by his girlfriend or probably by his wife, who just want his perfect body otherwise a breakup is must. He will try his best to get up after slipping off the treadmill many times. He is up to his commitment and he has a relationship to save. That’s the spirit! LMAO.

forcefully doing the gym

7. The Man With Too Much Body Hair

This is the man you make no eye contact with and he don’t even look at anyone. All he wants to shape his body without clothes, no matter how thick his body hair are. He feels no shame in showing off his hair. Yes, such men do exist!

man with too much body hair

8. The Real Talker

The one who doesn’t want to shut his mouth and love the endless conversation. He is determined and will try all the possible ways to disturb you, Hey man, can you hear me?  You just want to get rid of him because he will not stop talking at any cost.

the talker in gym

9. The Newcomer

That man, who is new to all the gym equipment and rules. He doesn’t know anything and want to lose his weight, but the matter is how? He will ask each and every person to guide him other than the trainer. He will feel fear in trying machines and to not fall in front of everyone.

newcomer at gym

10. And The One Who Stares Too Much

How irritating it is, when someone keeps on staring at you. He knows that you are looking at him, but it doesn’t stop him from ogling at you. Be aware of him in a Pakistani gym!

guy who stares too much

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