Uber Pakistan Has Stepped Into The Corruption

The largest taxi dispatch companies in the world Uber, is also giving services in Pakistan. Started in Lahore in March 2016, this amazing taxi Uber Pakistan is now available in Karachi and Islamabad too. The Uber’s International Launcher for Middle East and Pakistan is Loic Amado, who said in the launching event of Uber that, “The interest has been incredible in Lahore, so we are extremely excited to be launching here first. Anyone can now enjoy an affordable, reliable and safe ride at the push of a button thanks to uberGO”.

But, now the situation has all changed because Uber Pakistan has stepped into the corruption. The problems raised with the apps and awkward behavior of drivers. The result is the born of massive issues!

uber pakistan has stepped into the corruption

The Thought Behind The Working Of Uber in Pakistan

When Uber was launched in Pakistan, it was meant to work with the driver with an account and a car registration number to go with it. The drivers were given necessarily trainings about sexual harassment and seminars were held for this. The drivers were supposed to ride around the roads of Lahore till they got a ride. Once they got it, they will accept the ride and drive to the customer, pick them up and drop them to their destination. The bill will occur automatically in the app.

uber services in lahoreNew Offer In September 2016

We all know that every driver does not get a ride all the time. It can be the loss for that driver. So to compensate their losses, initially Uber was paying them around Rs. 270 per hour.

uber offer lahore

Rent A Car Services In Pakistan

The Uber taxi service was the huge loss for the rent-a-car business in Pakistan. They discovered another not so amazing thing to work for them. They set all their free cars on Uber. If the Uber drivers turned on their app and parked their taxis on some blind spots in Uber’s map, where the rides were much less, their cars could earn by standing still too. Moreover, some rent-a-car services started renting cars from car owners at 40 to 50 thousand a month and then place them on Uber to earn more profit of 120-150k a month.

uber ride pakistan

Illiterate Drivers From Villages

To get the most profit out of the Taxi services, people hired drivers from villages near Lahore. They were mostly illiterate, in other terms, imported a cheaper labor. These drivers were unaware of smartphones, how to get directions, how to use the apps and mostly were very rude. These drivers were paid a very similar salary, 20k for driving 12-14 hours a day and 25k for driving 18 hours a day. Because of too much work, they eat in their cars, sleep in their cars and use the public toilets between the rides.

uber drivers in pakistan

The Uber Troubles in Pakistan

The drivers are on fixed salaries and had not any incentive, so they have started cheating and harassing their customers. Many people shared their worst experiences with Daily Pakistan about the Uber Taxi,

“I have been an Uber rider since the very beginning, have taken more than a 100 rides. I have seen all types of issues with Uber. Sometimes drivers accept a ride because they are obligated by their owners to do so, but they refuse to go to destinations and force the rider to cancel their rides. Sometimes, and i have seen many cases, where the drivers just start a ride without you. Another scam that i have witnessed going on is that Uber drivers accept a ride, come to a location near you, stop accepting calls and force the rider to cancel a ride – getting Rs.150 in cancellation fees.”

troubles in uber taxi

Experience Of Another Uber Rider

“One time I was stranded in front of a restaurant late at night with my wife and toddler. I requested an Uber and the driver I got was only 5 minutes away, but his car wasn’t moving. I called my driver and he said that he is waiting for his owner at a specific location and he has to drop him somewhere first, after which he will come to pick us up. When asked why he accepted a ride if this was the case, he started being extremely rude. I cancelled this ride and requested another, and the same driver accepted the ride again and again refused to cancel the ride. This happened 5 times in a row, while my wife and my crying toddler by the side of the road for 1 hour. On top of it all, the next day Uber suspended my account for ‘too many cancellations’.”

ride with uber

Well, this is how Uber Pakistan has stepped into the Corruption. If you are feeling the same trouble then complain to Uber by open the Uber app and click on the “Trips” option. Then, go into the past trips and click on that past trip you want to complain about. Click on the “Need Help” option at the bottom.

No doubt, Uber Pakistan is the great service with the quality cars. But it should be used for the customers rather for the profit. If you have also used the same service, then comment below and share with us your experience with Uber Pakistan.

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