Urwa Hocane Made Her Singing Debut And Everyone Is Just Speechless

Urwa Hocane made her singing debut by releasing her very first song today and everyone is just speechless with her beautiful voice. The Hocane sisters always give use some tough goals, whether related to career or their personal lives. Urwa Hocane was in the news for some good reasons in the past especially, when she and the famous actor Farhan Saeed announced about their engagement. They make their moments special because Farhan proposed his lady love in front of the iconic Eiffel Tower.

Now, Urwa just revealed her debut song ‘Ao Lay Kar Chaloun’, which is much mesmerizing.

All About Urwa Hocane Debut Song

Through this beautiful song, we can easily observe the beginning of her new career ahead. The video starts with the beautiful girl Urwa, who look aloof after a bad performance and the director motivates her to try again. After this, Urwa Hocane starts a marvelous song with an upbeat tune. Along with the music, you can also see her dance moves in the pretty dress, that shows how happy is she for this singing.

urwa hocane debut song

People Response On Urwa’s Singing

Well, people have a mixed response to Urwa’s new song, someone is wishing her the best of luck and on the other hand people are busy targeting her that she should concentrate on her acting only.


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