Uses For Leftover Moving Boxes

You moved, you unpacked. Hooray!  But what are you going to do with the leftover boxes? Do not throw them away, recycle them. We have fun uses for leftover moving boxes for you.

Entertain your kids

Entertain your kids and encourage their imagination. Turn them into castles and rockets for your kids.

entertain your kids


Turn the boxes into photo frames to preserve your memories. Paint them, stick some on them and voila.

use of leftover box

Moving notification posters

Use cardboard boxes as moving announcements. Let everybody know without wasting any money.



If your house is a mess. Use the cardboard boxes as storage boxes.

use leftover boxex

Leaky roof

Got a leaky roof? Use a moving box to temporarily repair it until a professional can fix it. Put a piece of cardboard into a plastic bag, and then place it under the shingles. Voila!

leftover boxex uses

Leaky car

Suspect your car is leaking? Place a large piece of cardboard from the moving box under your car, and then pull it out in a few hours to determine how much fluid is leaking, what the color of the fluid is, and the location of the leak.

use boxex for leaky car

Cardboard costumes

Turn the boxes into costume for your little ones to play with. You can easily make a robot costume with a little cutting and painting.

useless Cardboard useage

Cat House

You can make a cat house out of the cardboard in any shape. A caste maybe or a plain house. Or just use the box as it is.

useless boxes usuage


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