Uzair Aziz Smartphone Photography Is Taking His Passion To A Whole New Level

It’s the era of smartphones, DSLRs and social media. We all know photography is now become a foremost expression for every occasion. Be it a party, wedding, formal event or a small get together, Pakistani photographers are taking their passion to the whole new level and the perfect beauty shots are their future. Just like other photographers, here’s the self-taught photographer Uzair Aziz, who is famous for his fascinating pieces. Uzair Aziz Smartphone Photography from the iPhone has left everyone bedazzled. So, watch his art at your own risk!

Has won Dawn Photography Competition, he is the man with real talent.

Uzair is Lahori photographer and also an engineer. He is very talented to provide weddings, drone coverage and 2d animation. Moreover, he is also teaching people his another level of photography through his YouTube channel for free.

uzair aziz smartphone photography

Check out his mesmerizing photoshoot!

1. Uzair Aziz Smartphone Photography = Perfection

smartphone pictures

2. It’s just magical to look at this

real photography

3. Our beautiful Minar-e-Pakistan

uzair aziz photography

4. He makes even a small piece very glorious

pakistani shoot

5. And he knows how to capture the true beauty of Pakistan

pakistani roads

6. Light from Heaven – Uzair Aziz

lahore photoshoot

7. Something very very unique. Do you agree?

pakistani pictures

8. Another view from Lahore

lahore photography

9. What about this? Just amazing

lahore pakistan

10. And that…

iphone photography

Also, don’t forget to embrace his work on his official Facebook account.

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