Do You Want To Visit Pakistan’s First Horror Themed Café In Islamabad?

It seems that people from all over the world will visit Pakistan for the themed cafes one day. You can see the fever of every type of cafes and restaurants is catching fire with the passage of time. Now, you will glad to know about the Pakistan’s First Horror Themed Cafe in Islamabad, named as Café Crossbones. The trend of these cafes started off with a F.R.I.E.N.D.S themed café in Lahore, then Hogwarts Café in Islamabad. Also the Breaking Bad and Game Of Thrones cafes in Islamabad. Yes, these restaurants and cafes are becoming the future of Pakistan.

pakistan's first horror themed cafe in islamabad

So here is Pakistan’s first horror themed cafe, which will assure you to make all your nightmares alive. Unlike many themed cafes, this Café Crossbones has unique décor and the menu you would love to admire.

cafe crossbones islamabad

Located on PWD near Bahria Town, Islamabad, this scary café is opened by the brainchild of Maheen Furqan and her family who moved back from the UK. They decided to share their love for food and scary movies with the world.

She said,

“We love watching scary movies and we thought of bringing their essence to a themed café but we are unlike any other. We don’t use posters and merchandise to make the look like a certain theme.”

If you are a pure fan of scariness and dark fantasies, then this place is definitely for you.

The spooky customized menu and scary environment will give everyone a dose of horror and a really delicious food. You can get appetizers, burgers, pastas, doner kebabs, steaks, pizzas, desserts and much more stuff here. One must say that the execution of the concept is really brilliant.

Have a look!

Ready to enjoy the creepy menu?

menu of cafe crossbones pakistan

The horrible picture of this haunted cafe

horror environment in islamabad themed cafe

You can’t ignore this brownie with edible eyeballs

new cafe opened in islamabad

What about this? Tasty…

dessert at cafe crossbones islamabad

The skeleton in the well watches you all the time

first horror themed cafe in pakistan

The girl from Exorcist! She’s near you.

cafe crossbones

So do you have a courage to enter it?

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