Ways To Make Your Wife Happy

It is very hard to understand a woman. Then go from happy to sad in a split second. You don’t understand if they are angry or why they are angry, if they are being sarcastic or they really mean what they are saying. Being a husband is a tough job but there are a few ways to make your wife happy.

Compliment her

Women love compliments. Your wives get all dressed up just for you and you can make her happy just by giving little compliments.Tell her she looks beautiful all the time, even if she is her night suit.

compliment your girl

Take her on dinners

Keep the romance and love alive. Take her on a candle light dinner where no one can interfere, not even your kids if you have any.

Take her on dinners

Surprise her

Who does not love surprises by a loved one? Surprise her with little gifts or arrange a surprise party on her birthday.Bring her flowers.

surprise your wife

Cook for her

Surprise her with a meal you have cooked. It need not be something elaborate –just a salad, a main course and her favorite dessert should do. But take care to set the table for an intimate dinner, with candles, flowers and soft music.

cooking with your wife

Tell her that you love her

Keep the love alive. That nothing more wonderful than knowing how much someone loves you. Tell her you love her every time you see.Or leave her notes. A single line won’t cost you anything but will make her day.

show your love

Do what she hates doing

Do a chore that she does not like do, like wash the dished for once or take out the trash. Show her that you care.

show your love

Call her when away

Call your wife once in a while when you are in office or on a business trip. Say that you were missing her and just wanted to hear her voice. This will assure her that she figures in your thoughts even while you are busy, and make her really happy.

call your wife

Act interested in what your wife has to say

Mostly men do not even listen to their wives when their wives are talking. That hurts the most. At least “act” that you are interested. If you simply act as if you care about what they are saying, it would mean the world to them.  Just picture yourself in a board room listening to a boring presentation by your boss.  You would still act interested out of respect for your boss.  Act interested in your wife’s comments, not always because the conversation is riveting, but because you love your wife.

listen to your wife


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